Name: "Best of Both Worlds" Value Bundle
Price: 29.99 USD

Can't decide which perks you want? Or do you just want them all? This VALUE bundle pack gives you a little taste of everything... like a buffet!

This pack gives you:

+ 4 Fly Hours (real life hours)

+ 2,000 Claim Blocks

+ $10,000 money

+ 8 homes* (This increases your max amount of homes to 8. If you already have eight or more homes, this will not add to that total.)

+ 3 Backpack Rows (total rows)

+ 1 Warp (this adds one warp to your total warp limit)

Ability to capture the 4 mob types:

- Chicken

- Sheep

- Pig

- Cow

You also get the special [VIP] tag to show how awesome you are for supporting the server! 

* REGARDING HOMES: If you purchased the 20 or 50 homes package already, this will not override or add to it. You will still have 20 or 50 homes.

Note: This pack does not let you mine spawners with silk touch. That will need to be added to cart separately.

Discounts will not be granted if you later decide you want one of the other packages that includes some of the above.

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