Name: VIP+
Price: 49.99 USD

VIP+ is an exclusive rank that comes with special perks. 

This rank gives you the standout [VIP+] tag*!

You also get:

+ $50,000 money

+ 10,000 Claim Blocks

+ 30 Fly Hours

+ Random rewards and gifts 

Special abilities:

- 5 rows in your backpack!

- Access to the mini-Head Database (/HDB)

- Ability to mine spawners with silk touch if you don't already have it.

- Set a Nickname (with colors)

- Use color in chat

- You get a yellow glow around you in game

- Teleport to a specific biome.  For example: /rtp biome jungle

- In Game Shop: 15% discount on all items, 15% more profit for what you sell to the shop, and access to exclusive VIP+ shop section.

- Vote perks: $200 per vote instead of $100. An extra bonus 3 Player Points per vote. (For a total of 8 Player Points per vote instead of 5).

- Access to an exclusive Discord channel with voice and text for VIP+ Members. (On Discord, please submit a ticket and you will be added to the channel).

This is a dynamic rank. This means you are added to a group and if we ever decide to give additional perks to that group, you will be grandfathered in.

*If you previously donated and have the [VIP] tag, it will change to [VIP+]