Name: Warp Power!
Price: 39.99 USD

Are you power hungry? Do you need more warps? Do you want to be able to control who visits your warps, or even charge a fee? Do you want to be able to banish those who displease you? Now you can be king... of your warps!

The "Warp Power" Upgrade applies instantly. You gain:

- +5 warps instantly* (following the rank system in game you would earn up to a max of 4 warps by ranking up to DragonSlayer).

- The ability to charge other players to use your warps

- You can bypass warp wait times and cooldowns.

- You can set a whitelist and allow only your friends to visit your warps.

- You can set a password for your warp.

- You can charge other players to visit your warp.

- You can ban players from your warp. 

- You can use color in the warp descriptions and names.

- You can set up warp signs.

This upgrade also gives you the [VIP] tag at the end of your name, showing you are awesome and supported the server!

*If you want even more warps, you can purchase the +5 Warps package, and it will add to your total each time.